All counties in Iowa are accepting our certificates EXCEPT Carroll County.


I had no problem in Sac county with my certificate. The only thing they requested was to include a date on the certificate which I understand they are now included. I appreciated the ability to do the test online, I couldn’t make the in person class dates work for me. Very convenient and highly recommended.

— Steve

Thanks for this informational test and video, it was a very good way of teaching handgun training and safety. I learned a lot of valuable information by doing this. The certificate that i received was accepted at my local sheriff’s station and it was a quick and easy process to acquire my permit to carry. Thanks again for the great experience!

— Terry

Very good course, it should be given to all residents of Iowa whether they apply for a permit or not.

— John

This was an easy and informative process to obtain my concealed weapon permit. Great job!

— Curt

Been wanting to get my concealed carry permit for a long time but never had the time. This made it so easy and now I can carry legally!! and I don’t have to search the vehicles every time I get in to make sure my husband didn’t leave his gun in it.

— Jane

This is a very efficient way to learn gun safety and complete the required Iowa training for a Concealed Carry Permit.

— Norman

I have handled firearms for a number of years and found the information very informative. Not only should everybody view this for information purposes but you should have your new and young adults view this. It was great.. Thanks you.

— John

The video was tremendously helpful to me. I appreciate the effort that you have gone through to make this available.

— Joel

Very well thought out presentation.

— David

Great! I was very happy with the online course.

— Jesse

Watch The Video. Take The Quiz. Get Your Certificate. Well worth it. Thanks!

— Adam

I was looking for information on getting a concealed to carry permit in Iowa, I found this course. It is easy to follow and understand, and took about an hour and 15 minutes including printing the certificate to complete from the comfort of my chair. Much easier than driving to a class, that would be a 1/2 an hour away at least if not more. Thanks.

— Vicki

Good class. Very glad to have this available online rather than go sit in a class. Thanks.

— Les

Video was helpful, very easy to understand and learn.

— M A N

Great course, very helpful. Thank you for offering it online.

— Renee

This course was very imformative and easy to understand by anyone who is looking to get their permit. Great job and Thanks!

— Dan

With all the scams that are out there online I called my local sheriffs office (Story County) just to make sure before I shelled out the money to make sure it was the real deal they told me they were as long as the NRA number was on the Certificate they would take it. So thank you Iowa Concealed for making getting the certificate easier for a busy mom to get.

— Amber

Very good class I liked how Jeff really commented to child safety definitely recommend his class !!!

— Brad

This was a great way to qualify for my permit. The video was incredibly detailed, and I would recommend for everyone to watch it, whether you want to get your CWP or not. When it came time to apply for my permit, it was easy, gave them my app and a copy of my certificate…two days later I had my permit. No questions asked. I would absolutely recommend this course!

— Jason

Thanks, will strongly suggest this course to my friends and anyone else inquiring about conceal permit. One hour at home well spent.

— Brad

I wouldn’t have even minded if the film part of it was a little longer. Thoroughly satisfied with the course. Now all I need is my hand gun, some ammo and membership at our local shooting range. Thank you.

— Tamara

I am very glad I got to take advantage of this opportunity to get my carry to conceal permit thank you for the informative video….

— Iowa Gun Owner

Informational video is excellent. I watched it at my own pace, and was very easy to soak in the information that was presented. Took the test at home (didn’t have to go anywhere). Very simple process for a busy guy like myself. I would recomend this for anyone wanting to get certified.

— Clark

I thought this was a exceptionally great way of getting a hands on class in the comfort of my home and being able to get my permit to carry.

— Janet

Thank you for the opportunity to take my concealed carry permit class online. It was more convenient for me. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was easy to follow and understand. Thanks again and refer my friends and family to your website.

— Leland

I’m a big hunter but did not know anything about handguns. You showed me a lot. Thanks for having this available.

— Mark

Hi everyone! I thought I’d let you know that I enjoyed learning what I did about guns and how to use them. I will be doing a lot of target practicing after I buy a gun. I thought it would be a nice hobby. Thanks for helping me get this far. I’ll print it out and take it to the Sheriff.

— Myra

Thank for making it so convenient The video was great, now I have a way to try and get manuals for all my gun for disassembly and oiling.

— Fred

I was very pleased with the online class. It was very informative and very adequate to take the test.

— Dean

The course and exam were VERY informative and useful.

— Terrence

Thought I knew it all but I did learn some things! Went great. Thank you.

— Dennis

I just completed the online video and test. Your website is very user-friendly and thorough. I recently had a stroke and a partial foot amputation. There was no way for me to defend myself. Thanks to your coarse I now have peace of mind. Thank you.

— Lessly

The video was simple and clear. If you follow what they tell you, you can pass with ease. Keep in mind the safety issues they talk about.

— Larry

This was a very easy way to take this class. With my job I have no time to sit in a classroom and attend a class but doing it this way I feel like I have gotten the same knowledge as doing it in a classroom. Thank you

— Linda

Since I had a concealed carry permit in Arizona I found the question very similar in Iowa. The test itself was straight-forward and covered the points a well-informed pistol carrier should know.

— Larry

The class flowed very well and contained the essential information. Even though I am experienced this presentation held my interest throughout. Well done.

— Steven

Excellent course and very informative.

— Arsalan

Very helpful and well thought out presentation.

— Lori Anne

Thank you for teaching me all this as I learned a lot. I am super excited for passing and moving on to my next steps for self-protection.

— Tieysa

I loved it! I didn’t have to drive anywhere to do this course.

— Davett

I found the instructional video very interesting and easy to follow. I will recommend this to my family and friends. Thanks.

— Randy

I’m very glad I took this online course, the video was very informational! I feel a lot better with my knowledge of handguns and knowing that I can protect myself and my family! Great course.

— Andy

I have a history with weapon safety. Both military and civilian rules. You did very well explaining rules to follow.

— Jeff

I am a 64 yr. old female and I found this video very informative and interesting.

— Linda

Even if you are not going to get a permit you should watch this course. It is very informative. A good tool to stay safe.

— Joseph

I knew all the content from my training as a kid but this was a great refresher.

— Richard

I thank you for making this site. It allows people time to do things other than stand in a class.

— Gregory

This course was very informative. The presenter in the video did a great job of showing all of the important key information. I highly recommend this program, it is a great way to get certified!

— Debbie

This was easy and convenient.

— Kirbey

Great video. Basic and to the point.

— Steve

Thanks for the on-line course for certification for concealed carry permit. This is what I needed due to my work schedule (evenings and weekends). Almost impossible to find classroom training. Course was concise and to the point. Took a little over an hour with one interruption. Would recommend to anyone pressed for time or difficult schedule. Thanks again.

— Bill

The course was easy.  Story County accepted with no problem.

— Todd

The course was easy and short.  I would recommend it to others.

— Larry

I enjoyed the presentation, it was very informative. I learned a lot about the carry concealed readiness from this site. Thank you very much!

— Debra

Very informational course. Gives a good overall walk through and look at the handguns and how to use. Great course and instructor.

— Sean

Good course. Would recommend to someone that has a good general knowledge of firearms safety or to a beginner. The price would have cost to take the class in person.

— Russell

Very informative and well presented.

— Terri

You left everything on the table in the video. You made it really easy to get certified.

— Michael

I am looking forward to getting my certificate to take to the local sheriff’s department to obtain my permit to carry a concealed gun.

— Liz

I learned some new things & thought the instructor did a very good job of explaining things plainly. I will recommend this course to my friends for sure.

— Joshua

It was a very good video.  If you have someone who just needs good info on gun safety this is a must see video.  Even if you do not hunt or want to get a concealed carry, it is a vary good video for the person who just target shoots.  I recommend everyone who owns or buys a firearm watch this.  Maybe even make them watch it before they can buy a firearm if they don’t have a hunters safety certificate.

— Jeremy

Great video that covers everything that a person needs to know. And the web site is very well set up.

— Ben

Great online training & information. I like the fact that I can reference back to it.

— Karen

I found this class to be easier than I expected. Instructor was a good choice, as the pace was to the point and time went so fast. Will recommend friends to this site. Was nice to do it at my own time in my own home. Thanks

— Randall

I found watching the video very informative. I took it and didn’t miss one of the question on the test. I was very skeptical at first, I felt as though I wouldn’t have a clue how to do this but everything was pretty straight forward. I am so glad that I followed my heart and took this test. Being a woman that added security is very important. Now I can go to work 12 hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday without my husband and dad worry about me. I feel more secure myself, just knowing I have this. I hope and pray I never have to use it, but if someone is stupid enough to attack me or my family then I will be able to show my weapon and hopefully that is enough and the attacker will flee. Then I will call the police. Thank you for my opportunity, I know I made the right decision.

— Karen

I just received my concealed carry permit from Scott County and I could not be more impressed with Iowa Concealed. At first I was a little skeptical but the video contained great information, and there was not a single issue with the certificate of completetion at the sheriff’s office. Would recommend to anyone looking to carry concealed in Iowa.

— Michael

I really enjoyed this course. The instructor made it easy to understand and kept it simple but also made his point very clear. Definitely would recommend this course to anyone.

— Andrew

I teach educational course through out the country and via web and thought Jeff did an excellent job in explaining all areas of gun safety and gun knowledge. Thought it was very well put together that did not bore you like most courses can and make it difficult to retain what was covered. Great Job.

— John

I learned so much more than I had expected from an on-line method to gain certification. Although I had been taught gun safety and respect by my father, this added appreciably to my knowledge base. I’m glad I took this course. And it fit into my busy schedule, too.

— Steve

This was a quick easy way to be Conceal Carry Certified. The Training Video was very informative. I learned a lot about how to handle a hand gun. Thank you very much.

— Jonni

I thought the course was very informative and I learned a lot and will put into practice what I have learned.

— Sandara

Very good course went great at the courthouse very happy!!!!

— Thomas

The video was good. I learned a lot of info and he did a great job. I would witch the video again to go over the information that he gives. thanks.

— Clinton

Very efficient way to train gun safety and acquire the necessary documentation needed in Iowa.

— Garrett

Informative. I like it covered the necessity of safely handling your firearm and straight to the point. Thank you !

— Jessica

This course was very informative and exactly what I needed to fit my hectic schedule.

— Aaron

Definietly enjoyed watching an insightful video, and working with my own schedule as I do not have time to go to a classroom. I wanted to obtain a carry permit, because my husband has one and there are times where he would forget to take his gun out of the vehicle I am driving and I don’t want to get in trouble for a simple mistake. Definetly will recommend this to friends and family who are thinking of getting one but don’t have the time.

— Jen

I would like to thank you for your website! The Instructor was Very Personal with his teaching & Skills!! It is the Best Experience I have had & I enjoyed every part!! Thanks again.

— Douglas

Great class, good and detailed instruction in the video. Test was simple and easy as long as you pay attention.

— April

Loved doing this online and it was affordable.

— Matt

The coarse you provide was informative, and simple to understand. Thank You.

— Steven

Nice simple and to the point here with this class. The safety class was easy and fun to sit through. It was very informational.

— Brady

It was cake to get my permit. Johnson County didn’t require any appointment just my Iowa drivers license and the certificate… My permit should be on its way.

— Paul

I was not sure what to expect with an online concealed carry class. But, the information was to the point and easily understood. This is a very quick and efficient class for people that already have knowledge of firearm safety.

— Briana

I have thought about taking the online course to receive my Iowa Concealed certificate. Using a firearm is a big responsibility. I chose to take the online course because of the privacy and confidentiality it offered. The course was precise and it covered the basics very well.

— Christina

This video is the real deal, I’m an an experienced shooter.  I learned a lot from it. I would recommend this to anyone.

— Randy

Went smooth. Took the class, test, turned in my certificate and got my carry permit. I am glad this is avalible for us that dont have the weekend to take the in person class. Great video btw.

— Ron

A great way to get your Consealed Carry Permit . Easy to under stand video and test was easy to pass. Just what I was looking for 🙂

— Kirk

Video was great & informative, quick & easy way to get your carry permit. Had no problems with it in Harrison Co. Will recommend to my friends who also don’t have the time to sit in a class.

— Guy

Very thorough instructor. Will be taking my certificate to the Sheriff’s office tomorrow so we’ll see how simple the process is.  Thank you though for offering this service!


After watching the quick video it gave me the knowledge I needed to pass the test. Very quick and easy!

— Michelle

Stated by others, this course was very well done and most informative. I was able to find a discount coupon for cost and I easily printed the certificate of completion. Now, I plan to forward the certificate to our sheriff, and I do not anticipate any issue with obtaining my formal permit to carry. I highly recommend this online course!

— Tom

I was very pleased with the explanations and the thoroughness of the instructor.  I have hunted and used shotguns, thus I am familiar with gun safety but it was good to have a refresher on that aspect. Thank you for putting this online training video together!!

— Andrea

Very informative instructor.

— Wayne

I found your course very informative and relevant. I knew most of the material but it was a good review. Particularly the gun safety always treat every weapon like a loaded weapon and pointed in a save direction at all times. Trigger finger out of trigger guard until sighted. Good lesson.

— Carl

Very impressed with the ease of taking the course at home in my office. Don’t have the time to take 5 hrs. Out of my schedule for that type of course. Once completed had no trouble getting my CCW. Definitely recommend. Very easy.

— Dwight

This was a very informative course.

— Rowan

I watched the video and took the test yesterday and went and got permit today and it is in my hands. No problems at all. Great course.

— Jim

I enjoyed the video very much. Very well presented and educational.  Thank you.

— Roger

It was a very good training course and fit in better with my schedule. I learned a few new things. Good job.

— Stan

This training and testing site is so well done. The teacher is excellent. It covered everything in the most understandable ways. I’m so releaved to have this step complete. I would recommend it to anyone.

— Gean

Wonderful website. Instructive, responsive, easy yet informative. Thank you for your service.

— Mark

The course was very well presented and very easy to understand. The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept my attention throughout the course.

— Mike

This was done up very well.

— Larry

I just took your online Conceal/Carry course and found it very informative. I have owned a gun for over a year and have never learned before how important “stance” is before you fire. I have never cleaned my gun before either, but now am much less worried about the process. Thank you!

— Debra

The course is very convenient to take when time permits and has very good information for everyone.

— Eugene

Very informative course; covers the safety aspects thoroughly.

— Mark

At 77 years old and new to this EMAIL stuff and I got it done. I would like to thank you Iowa Concaealed for doing this. My Iowa permit expires Jan. and was trying to find a class near by. Wow I got one online. Thank you THANK YOU again.

— Ernest

Content presented in a way that was easy to understand. Instructor knowledgeable & his speech & voice easy to listen to.

— Mary

The video is very informational and addresses some of the questions I have when considering the use of a firearm. I appreciate everything they have to offer.

— Michael

This was a very easy and educational course.

— Eve

I was very impressed with the instructor for this on line certification course. He was very knowledgeable and I learned a lot of very important key safety points. Thank You for doing this service!

— Mike

Thank you so much for having the online testing for the concealed weapons permit the instructor is very clear and easy to I got a lot out of the class thank you very much

— Tim

I really enjoyed the class. The instructor was very knowledgeable on firearm safety. Thank you

— Lawrence

I like the video, you guys did a good job, and thank you guys for helping.

— Leonard

Test was good – I passed.

— Brett

I enjoyed the class at thought it was very informative!

— Grant

This is a great class it covers all that you need for the basics. He covers the clearing of a pistol that most people will understand.

— David

Awesome videos and instructions to safe handle a pistol or weapon of your choice.

— Darren

Good course. The instructor was very professional and all business. It didn’t hurt me to have a refresher course on firearms safety, etc.

— Randall

Very good class online, Jeff explained everything slowly and demonstrated using the guns really well. Thank you.

— Maria

I really enjoyed using the Iowa Concealed website. It was interesting,very easy to understand,informative,and all in all a very satisfying experience.

— Jim

I really enjoyed the experience! The video was easy to follow & the instructor was very knowledgeable. It gave you spots where you could pause & take notes. The test also makes one think. I liked that you needed to use your common sense. My husband has his permit & is even going to watch the video also!

— Deneen

The training course is very informative and easy to follow. Thanks.

— Thomas

I enjoyed the course very much and thought it was very informative.

— Thomas

This class was very straight forward and easy to follow. I really enjoyed the video!

— Samantha

This was my first course concealed carry class. I learnt about stance, aim, double action trigger and the meaning of a cleared gun.

— Marlys